Vinnytchina: Winners of the 8th Regional Competition "Best brand skirts - 2015" (+ photos)

February 18 Expo Chamber of Commerce in the exhibition and sale "Buy Vinnitsa" welcomed the winners of the 8th Regional Competition "Best brand skirts - 2015", held under the auspices of the Head of Regional keepvnoyi administration. This year the title of best won 22 producers, trade and industrial enterprises of the region. Diplomas and certificates for the winners of the right to use the official logo on official documents in all advertising materials for 2015, recognized entrepreneurs skirts rewarded head Anatoliy Oliynyk and president of Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce Alexander Didyk. "Vinnichchina, literally, is the engine of Ukraine's agricultural sector. And the results show that our producers make it possible to be optimistic about the future, not only in terms of filling the shelves of our retail outlets, but also for the integration of nationaland European markets. So next time you want to witness his compliments and thank you for the work that you make to strengthen the state "- said, referring welcomed the participants, head of Vinnitsa region Anatoliy Oleinik. However, the RSA chairman said that charity which provide Vinnytsia Ltd.arovyrobnyky Ukrainian soldiers in the East, is one of the most important in the country. The head of the region also expressed confidence that despite the serious challenges facing the Ukraine, Vinnichchina will remain consistent in efforts to strengthen the regional economy, and step-by-step naroschuvatyme potential. Handed countriesschim producers, the deserved rewards, while Anatoliy Oleinik said some businesses in the region diplomas of State Administration and Regional Council - for active participation in the autumn of the total agricultural fairs. And after the head of the State Administration examined exposure exhibitors sale "Buy Vinnitsa."This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration