Heavenly hundred: patterns and irreversibility

" No army crossed the Alps, Hannibal passed through them & quot ;, - so its time spoke French Marshal Ferdinand Foch of this great Carthaginian commander. How each of us affects the patterns and irreversibility in this world? History hundreds of Heaven, which we recall inthese days - a good opportunity to reflect on it. Over the last year war with number " celestial hundred " There are dozens count - that's goals battalions. For some countries - a whole army. But is this a hundred musketeers equated with personal protection of the king. It is difficult to discuss whether any of the characters present battalions of Heaven has nothas more merit in this life to it so well remembered, as each of the hundreds of Heaven. Maybe even someone as was that February morning on the 20th day Instytutska or Hrushevskoho - just run with Molotov cocktails, as well was covered with wooden boards from Kalashnikov rifles. But first their blood they shed. Christiancos knows many of his greatest righteous, but everyone remembers the 12 apostles. History - is primarily a people. Laws and irreversibility it creates the same people. A year ago, hundreds of Heaven given point in our history and patterns of irreversibility return from humiliation to fight for dignity. How long will this period and that hewill result? Hard to say, but each of us must remember: " No army crossed the Alps, Hannibal passed through them & quot ;. The history of changing people - sometimes enough for this and hundreds twelve or even a ... This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "

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