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Volyn region: in Kovel rescuers Child Safety Week held

child safety is a priority in general. Therefore, the maximum number used various measures to protect society from harm. Kovel rescuers continue to teach children the rules of safe behavior. Thus, under the « Safety Week » fahiinthese Kovel city district management department DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region, educational center of civil protection and life safety in the Volyn region have trained lectures school and secondary schools Kovel. Children talked about the rules of conduct in terms of safety issues and devel ’ yasnyland what to do when they occur. This subject is extremely important thing. Students and teachers received roses ’ yasnyuvalni posters, leaflets with safety rules. To focus students on specific advice, rescuers showed educational films and commercials. Children also had a tour in the territory of fire-rescue units. Overall ratingode continue in educational institutions in the future. Thus, each student will receive professional advice from a lifeguard on how to behave in a crisis situation. In DSNS in Volyn region