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Charity event for veterans Chernihiv

Chernigov 1-10 May in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism some stores and consumer service establishments provide discounts to veterans. This was reported in the management of the consumer market and business city council. "On the occasion of the Day of Memory and Reconciliation 8 May, Victory DayMay 9, with the aim of identifying and honoring the respect and gratitude to the participants of the Second World War manifested by deeds in the fight against fascism, maintaining the tradition of honoring our nation Defenders, we turned to local entrepreneurs in trade and public service to join the charity campaign during the period of 1 on May 10tion "- told in management. The following is a list of those who are ready to sell products and services for veterans at promotional price or free of charge. Hairdressing city that will serve members and veterans of the war on favorable terms between 1 to May 10, 2015 (* Privilege is granted upon presentation of a certificate Listsand war veterans) Title Address, phone Special Discount hairdresser "Lisa" st. Rokossovskogo 26 Tel. 03/03/29 15% discount or free of charge at the discretion of the master-hairdresser hairdresser "Geneva" st. Komsomolskaya 53 Tel. 678-916 permanent 20% discount for seniors and veterans daily 8?? to 9?? beauty "Yin-Yang" st. Co.tlyarevskoho 15 Tel. 093 3729395 during the term of the shares price of haircuts for Veterans - 20 UAH. Also inside there is a permanent action "Social Monday" - Monday haircuts for pensioners 20 USD. hairdresser "Lyudmila" st. Kyrponosa 35 Tel. 12.04.51, 4-40-68 50% discount or free of charge at the discretion of the master-hairdresser hairdresser "Styl-C " st. Polubotko Getman, 30, tel. 603-265 50% discount hair salon "Style-S" st. Dotsenko, 17 Tel. 61-40-65 50% discount hair salon "Lokon" Prospekt Mira, 33 Tel. 77-71-48 50% discount hair salon "Lokon" st. Odintsov, 2 Tel. 3-17-56 50% discount hair salon "Lokon" st. Schorsa 4 50% discount hair salon "Lokon" Prospekt Mira, 53 Tel. 2-81-29 discount50% The list of stores with discounts for pensioners, the disabled and war veterans (Upon presentation of pension card) Name of commercial enterprises Store Address Discount PJSC "Basis" st. Lyubetskoy 42 Every Tuesday 5% of the value of goods st. Glebova, 31 st. Odintsov, 16 st. Lyubetskoy 70 "Eco" Eco-namerket Street. Rokossovskogo 7 Every Monday 9% discount on the cost of goods Eco-market in ave. Peace 49 Eco-Market Street. 1st of May, 163 Eco-market on Shevchenko, 58 Eco-market on Shevchenko, 9 Eco-market in ave. Victory 100 Eco-market in vul.Starobilouska 33 Department of Public Relations of the City Council