In Khmelnytsky oblast open competition with

kites Recently at the Khmelnytsky oblast center of scientific and technical creativity of young students conducted regional open competition with kites. Kite flying is one of the favorite sports of many hurtkivtsiv our region. The place for kite flying centuryandin city beach and spring fine day created perfect conditions for flying kites. Studying in groups, children not only engaged in designing kites of various classes and modifications, but also acquainted with the world of technology, simple process, technical modeling, designing, acquiring basic mindHb and skills with a variety of materials and tools. Constructing or simulating simple products, students gain experience of their own creativity, develop design skills, creativity, spatial and logical thinking, imagination, fantasy, exhibit creativity. Competitors deftly ran flat, boxfrequency and other types of kites, demonstrating a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are gained, engaging in circles. The competition was attended by 17 teams (69 participants) with Volochynsky, Derazhniansky, Dunaivtsi (2 teams), Iziaslav, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Krasyliv, Letychiv, Novoushitskiy, ForLonsky, Starokostiantyniv, Shepetovskogo districts and cities Kamenetz-Podolsk, Slavutas, Starokonstantinov, Khmelnytsky Shepetivka. Competition program provides personal and team championship in 4 classes of models. Following the regional open competition with kites: And place won Khmelnytsky Palace of Children tand youth (coach, team leader Eugene V. Yahonin); Second place team Dunaivtsi House of creativity students (trainer and team leader Mikhail S. Zavalov); Third place team won Lisiecki secondary school levels I-III named VP Zatonsky Dunaivtsi area (trainer and team leader Pyndyk Victor Y.). Winners in the individual competition were: Zinkov Vitali pet Khmelnytsky Palace of Children and Youth (class models kites flat Z-1- (curved) with soft wing); Servetnyk Marat, a student of class 6 Lisiecki secondary school I-III named VP Zatonsky (class models kites Z-2 by volumesecond snakes); Boychenko Gleb, pet Khmelnytsky Palace of Children and Youth (class models kites Z-3 mini-dragon); Kushnir Valentine, a graduate Dunaivtsi House of creativity students (in class models kites Z-5 - zmiykovyy train). Winners were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees, medals and cupsth and coaches, team leaders - diplomas Khmelnytsky oblast center of scientific and technical creativity of youth. Competitions were stimulus creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical development of general and school educational institutions meet their needs in creative self and created conditions for growthin sport and technical skills of children and youth, helped attract pupils to participate in local, regional and national competitions. But the most important factor - conclusion of circles design kites and exchange of experience. The information was