Vinnytsia Regional State Administration became the landlord of water bodies (+ photos)

As Director of Environment and Natural Resources Regional State Administration Volodymyr Krys'ko during weekly meetings in 2013 to Article 51 of the Water Code of Ukraine was amended to define new landlord water objects. Thus, outside of thepoints such landlords were regional administrations. In this regard, the region began work on contracts of water bodies lease, renewal of leases of land and water fund and renting land from the water fund water body under the terms of the auction. The Head of oblderzhadministrted 427 from 10.07.2013 p. responsible contractors identified department of Environment and Natural Resources. It was decided to make an inventory of water bodies. So a few months in 2014 managed to collect more reliable information on the number and area of ??ponds, hydraulic owners and there are documents that giveright to lease. Thus, found many more lakes than were registered to date. The biggest difference in Vinnytsia (84 additionally found) Nemyriv (59) and Kozyatyn (49) regions. Out of date difference in these numbers only Chechelnitsky area. In general it was found 451 previously unrecorded ratea. their total number is 5288 (excluding reservoirs and process water). In addition to the number of ponds were checked for documentation that entitles you to rent the reservoir. "It should be noted that by this time lease of land and water bodies lease agreement concluded separately. The tenant is usually concluded only one contractland lease without registration of the lease water body. Very few cases where one object signed both types of contracts. Also, not all tenants have issued permission for special water ", - said Vladimir Krys'ko. During the report of the Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources State Administration for assistanceth charts presented a value of leases of land and water fund, water bodies leases and permits for water treatment. Yes, Yampil, Tomashpil, Tulchyn areas not issued any permit for water treatment. In Tomashpil area is also not signed any contract forwater bodies lease, contracts concluded only on lease land. After these amendments to Article 51 of the Water Code and the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Form Model Contract right to lease issued a single contract - water bodies lease agreement (includes land and water bodies). "Our actednist intended to figures out one level. That is, to each water body that is under lease was issued Full documentation "- said Vladimir Krys'ko. He noted that this work will facilitate the removal of the " shadow " fishery production on leased water, creating transparency inas for conducting fisheries activities, provide a framework for local revenues, environmental component in the operation of water bodies, in this case - fisheries activities and providing citizens exercising their right to overall water use. This approach will facilitate the implementation of the approved PresidentialDent Ukraine Sustainable Development Strategy " Ukraine - 2020 & quot ;, which states: ensure environmentally sustainable economic growth mode and create favorable conditions for business. Also pay special attention to access to safe drinking water and food (safety of human life). Commenting vyschezaznaCene RSA chairman Valery Cow emphasized the issue of decentralization of water bodies and delegation of authority to the field. According to him, it will allow to resolve the situation to establish an effective mechanism of leasing water bodies Vinnytsia, because who does not like the head, working on the site has full information as to the identityportunities areas and on this basis better understand what needs are in addressing the above issues. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration