In Ternopil with Husyatynschyny sent young men for military service

? 8 boys were sent to military service in the ranks of Zboroynyh Forces of Ukraine Husiatyn military commissariat 16 April. This press service Gusyatyn RSA. Hold them for military service came relatives, government officials, personnel rayviyskkomatu. Depressionpnyk head of district administration Hope Haliabarda Husyatyn village head Michael Savchuk, District Commissioner Andrew Oleszczuk military conscripts called to serve honestly and in good faith, to learn the fine art of war and wanted peace of heaven, God's grace, grace, healthy return home. The priest blessed Peter HUDYMA Earthyaks on the successful completion of its constitutional obligation - to faithfully serve his people, to safeguard the independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity of our homeland and handed string of that safeguarding them. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration