In Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk made regular appointments by

at the Center for providing administrative services in Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk made regular admission of citizens. To the mayor visited by 30 Lutsk. In most cases, the applicants sought assistance in resolving housing, land and Comunalenyh issues. In the face of deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country, citizens are increasingly turning to the mayor for help in the design of employment and housing subsidies. As always, Nicholas Romaniuk is left aside problems of families whose members are involved in the ATO. Concern Lutsk and spring flooding streets. In additionOh, the mayor was presented for the consideration of the investment project for development. Nicholas Romaniuk instructed in due time to resolve issues raised in the appeals. Department of "Center of administrative services in Lutsk" This was reported in Lutsk City Council