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In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky police battalion received "Aydar" awards for participation in ATU

employees Awarded Rakhivsky police department Colonel Ukrainian Cossacks, the deputy commander of a platoon of the 24th separate assault battalion "Aydar" Basil Kyrychko. Medal "For the protection of their own country" received 14 n Rakhivravoohorontsiv who performed in the Donetsk region Artemivsk combat missions of national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Medals "For dignity and patriotism" was awarded the deputy chief of police department Rakhivsky Miroslav Vishovana and operational next Sergey Mariondu. Basil KyrychkoThanks also presented by battalion commanders and fighters "Aydar" for active public position Deputy Chief Rakhivsky district police chief Vladimir Savchuk and Veit Ludwig police station. The latter is now serving in the area ATO. The leadership battalion "Aydar" expressed gratitude Chief Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Cerhiyu Sharanychu and the head of the regional UGAI Michael Boychuk. Gratitude for volunteer help volunteer received Snezana Tulyk. A Deputy Head of Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs region Maskalyuk Paul gave Basil Kyrychku heavenly warrior icon of Archangel Michael. - Only side-by-side with fellow martial, a single fist we defeat an enemy,- Commented on the event head Transcarpathian police colonel Sergei Sharanych. Information Rakhivsky District Police