In Ternopil nearly 130 thousand people money for two days vyduryly telephone fraudsters

ternopolyan again massively attacked telephone scammers. Two days of rogues suffered three pensioners. The amount lost is almost 130 thousand. In all cases, the basis scenario rogues lay fictional story about an accident inwhich seems to be either victims or children or grandchildren guilty pensioners. Villains telephoned and demanded for the "liberation" of native police different amounts of money. In 70 years ternopolyanky vyduryly 110 thousand UAH, 71-year-old resident of the regional center took three thousand hryvnia and gold jewelry for almost thirteen thousand, one thousand four hundred USD gave Mr.roydysvitam another 70-year-old grandmother. Surprisingly, none of the victims before sending money or villains list them on the said hackers card number is not in touch with those whom paid. Moreover, not called the police and did not specify whether her son, grandson committed a road accident. But this information can be found by typing aFor the next part number or 102. You can understand the feelings of relatives who received the news of the misfortune not find a place and can not adequately assess the situation. However, the police call, do not take hasty decisions, even if the one who is calling you insist on immediate payment. Your first step should be to call itm, who seems to need your help. Call him in his room (!) Phone, and not the other. No connection or do not answer - dial someone from his family - wife, children, close friends. They can not touch - dial 102. Be sure to tell in detail what you know, and you must provide information, or to becomeAl relative participant accident. It often happens that an attacker who is calling you, do not put the phone orders. This requirement - the first sign of fraud. But if you're under stress prykypily to telephone and fear that a wrong deed your home will bring harm to man, try to ask dialers as the name of your relative, his name,describe his appearance to answer questions of a personal nature. Psychologists advise in such situations, use another little trick. Agree with relatives that if you or they need help to take some specific words or phrases, called "password". Let it resembles a child's game, but it works. Finally, an appeal to the jettyYoung people - tell your parents, grandparents about this type of fraud. Warn them not to trust strangers phone, be sure to check the information and in no case count and not to give money to unknown people. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region