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According banned the television channels fined

product was adminprotokol National Council on show at ICTV, New Channel, NTN and "Ukraine" films and TV series in violation of rolling certificates and passes to court. Symbolic fines should encourage broadcasters to dialogue with the State Cinema on index audience. National Council for Radio and Television was four protocols on administrative offenses on the facts of violation ICTV, Novy Channel, and NTN « Ukraine » conditions of rental certificates and passes all materials to the court, which has set the guilty fines. The relevant decisions adopted at a meeting of the National Council on Apr 15tion. National Council conducted spot checks of the above four channels on their breach of the conditions of rental certificates, broadcast in the morning and daytime air of movies and TV series limited audience age are allowed to show only in the evening, and in addition, incomplete or inappropriate classification marks in the audience duringIndicate these films and serials, informs Telekritika. Member of the National Council Vladislav Sevryukov said that inspections were grounds for complaints, especially in the broadcast series « Crew » on ICTV and « It » on « Ukraine » in the morning and afternoon. &Laquo; Even if the audience « & raquo ;, 16 during the day where this productmonstruvaty not. But now all channels was a practice for the evening show day product & raquo ;, – said Mr. Sevryukov. A television agreed that they violate the terms of rental licenses. I explained why. &Laquo; & Conditions acquired the rights to the content we provide prem ’ yernyy display and repeat for 24 hours. Frommaterials testing appears that all violations in the morning or afternoon – that it was a replay after the premiere of ’ yernoyi broadcast. Actually this problem and how do about it. We must change the system or marks and Conditions demonstration of films, or somehow affect the holders on the conditions for re-display & raquo ;, – Jurassic explainedArticle ICTV channel Konstantin Panasyuk. However, he admitted that is not normal broadcast about the 11th morning show « & raquo ;. crew The lawyer said that the entry into force of the Law on Prohibition of Russian films and TV series, ICTV will no longer show « & raquo ;. Crew Lawyer TV « Ukraine » Eugene once again on Butsansupposed members of the National Council of disagreement channels of the State Agency for movies about indexes age audiences Derzhkino assigns films and serials: « The problem is not only in the index and to control the show in time, but also in the formation of clear criteria for the award of indices. For example, a product that in the US and Europe is not atbmezhen, we (in the rental certificate) issued by audience « 18 & raquo ;. &Laquo; not a question of punishing – it should not be objective. To the company fulfilled the provisions necessary conditions to ensure that perform & raquo ;, – said Mr. Butsan and rhetorically asked what channels to fill the air daily. But he did not answer directly to requesting members of the National Council, or continue the show « It » go out in the daytime. The opinion imperfect system of rolling Derzhkino shared identity and representative channel NTN, Director of Broadcasting Network Media Group « Inter » Alexander Kravtsov: « Now select movies for purchase, except that they are assigned index afterhow we buy – Here's the problem & raquo ;. Meanwhile, the National Council, State Cinema and TV stations have already begun work on changing their approach to assigning codes and audience data. As chairman of the National Council Yuriy Artemenko, April 14, the first meeting of the parties on the subject, during which agreed that the Chairman of State Committee for Cinematography for Philip Illyenkodays Derzhkino formulate proposals and suggestions from broadcasters gather and unify executive director of Television Industry Committee Igor Koval. &Laquo; The situation with indexes audience outdated – That is the way we are, and head Derzhkino. Work is ongoing on the criteria for determining audience, and after entOn the situation will improve & raquo ;, – expressed confidence lawyer New Channel Mrs. Claus. &Laquo; We mark on you long to say. It is a question that you want to somehow fill the air and breaking the law. So either you deliberately refuse to violate or fines will force you, or you change the system indexes audience & raquo ;, – withsaid channel members Yuri Artemenko. Here are unlikely to penalties that may award court at the request of the National Council, somehow affect the situation. After all, in accordance with Article 164-7 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences for breach of distribution and demonstration of films provided rolling certificate, fined rozmiri from 340 to 595 USD per film copies and confiscation of money from the demonstration, sale or rent, and for repeated violations within a year – from 595 to 1190 UAH and confiscation. For channels these amounts are not significant. Among other things, impose fines not even on the channels and the responsible persons, as it administratyVNA responsibility. For example, the channel « Ukraine » adminprotokol made on Operating Officer Victoria Korogod. However, despite the fact that massive television show broadcast daily in the evening repeats of the product, the National Council was only four adminprotokol. Everything rests on human and time resources. &Laquo; For daily monitoring and To sendennyh inspection we did not have enough staff and time & raquo ;, – explains Vladislav Sevryukov. Given the discussion members of the National Council lawyers channels also becomes apparent that they do not intend to give up and stop showing films with limited audience during the daytime. Broadcasters rather dobyvatymutsya liberalization approaches to index Derzhkino roomytoriyi. Therefore, the National Council composed adminprotokol and possible fines perceived symbolic step that will encourage channels to work constructively with the State Cinema. Told