Lviv held a charity concert to save Nazarka Tregub

to raise funds for cancer treatment in the 6-year Nazarka Tregub organize a concert to be held in the Church of the Transfiguration. According to the press service of the art about ’ unity « Dziga & raquo ;. Nazar was born and brought up in families of young Lvivno. A boy suffering from acute leukemia (bilokriv ’ I, cancer of the blood). The disease was diagnosed three years ago. Then, after several months of chemotherapy Nazar achieved remission, recovery. In January this year, the disease returned with a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. All Lviv, all people of good will from around the world gathering to joinpy funds for Nazarka – surgery to bone marrow transplant costs 150,000 euros. The concert – Ukrainian church music, which fulfill the ancient ensemble singing « A capella Leopolis » by conducting Lyudmila Kapustin. The concert starts at 17:00. Also help here. Told