Vinnytchina, implemented in a project aimed at improving medical care to patients with cardiovascular disorders (+ photos)

Pursuant to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated January 21, 2015 81-p "On attracting loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the project "Improving health care for Mr.aselennya "in 8 regions of Ukraine, a project" Improving health in the service of the people. " According to the regional administration and regional council Vinnichchina implements its own sub-project "component of the health care system Vinnytsia region aimed at improving medical care to patients with cardiovascular disorders."One of the main elements of the sub-project is the construction of a modern winery in building regional medical diagnostic cardiac center of cardiovascular disease. The Department of Health and Resorts RSA February 17, 2015, a presentation of this sub-project scientists Vinnytsia Nationalim.NIPirogova Medical University (Department of Social Medicine and Health Organization) and the students of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education (Department of Organization Department of Health.) Director of the Department of Health and the State Administration Tatiana resorts Babi and members of the working group on the implementation of sub-project informed Acutnih of significant project scope arrangements for its implementation. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration