Ternopil: secondary school I-III area fully equipped with educational computer complexes

Connecting schools to the Internet in the region is 74.9%. However, being discussed on the organization of educational field to connect to high-speed Internet, said the Department of Education and ScienceTernopil Regional State Administration. According to Director of Lubomir Groats, realized the task of introducing new information technologies and the computerization of the educational process in schools of Ternopil. "At school I-III levels fully equipped training and computer systemsWe (the -NKK) in school-II levels established 263 NCC (78.0% of requirements), - said Lubomir Levkovich. - In secondary schools and 12 degrees set NCC 150 and PC. " Director of the Department of Education State Administration noted that the national project "Open World" involved two schools aboutgion: Borshchiv School I-III 1 and Ternopil Ukrainian gymnasium. Ivan Franko. Reference: "Open World" - a national project in Ukraine, which envisages creation of information and communication network at the national level through free school supplies to the country's modern equipment and run onlyOn the educational online portal for teachers, students and parents of students. The project aims to overcome educational inequality and ensure high educational standards throughout Ukraine. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/