Region: Thanks!

The General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region received a letter of thanks to the Chief of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Zagariya Dmitri, deputy head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region - Chief of the Interior Ministry of public security police in Ukraine Lviv colonel Milicath Marunyak Sergei Romanovich and board Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region resident Radehiv district Text gratitude we present below: We, the people of Radehiv district, sincere respect and gratitude to Deputy Chief Radekhiv RV Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region, the chief of public security police lieutenant colonel of militia GalushchakNikolai. This is a man who for many years selfless work, deserved reputation, good name, personal example, fidelity of duty this word - a good example of honor by the police. The theoretical basis of professional ethics is his work ethic, based on a clear understanding and a sense ofand the obligation to protect the dignity, rights and freedoms of citizens, their property and integrity, respect for the law. A practical basis - capacity and constant desire to professional growth. At a high level, exactly in line with current legislation of Ukraine and the Oath compiled by the police, to reflect the powers granted to him, Head of MGB Radekhiv RV Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv field of objective and timely considering the appeal, within its competence solve and ensure implementation. Residents Radekhiv district to repeatedly in different situations addressed to the Chief of Police Lt. MGB Galushchak Nikolai Dmitrievich, understanding and respect wasymos to the hard work of police officers. Galushchak Nikolay - a moral citizen, a man with a capital worthy role models in all walks of life. Daily schedule it - 24 hours a day. We, the public Radehiv district, giving an assessment samoviddanniy Labour faithful implementation occupationsduties, professional software protection of public order, please in accordance with the rules of the Disciplinary Code of the Interior appreciate and reward for the professional activity MGB chief Radekhiv RV Interior Ministry in Lviv region Galushchak Police Lt. Nikolai. And we, in turn, residents RadekhivDistrict pray to the Almighty and pray for God's blessings to you and your families. Glory to Ukraine! Sincerely, Radekhiv area residents