Ivano-Frankivsk police find out the circumstances of the accident, which injured

people the past day in Ivano-Frankivsk happened three traffic accidents that result in injured people. Aviriyi occurred in Kalush, Kosovo and Tysmenytsya areas. In the accident that happened Kosiv byperished 20-year-old driver of VAZ-2109. Other passengers, and this - the 40-year-old resident of the district injuries received. However, the injured passenger, it is delivered in hospitals. In Kalush undergone pedestrian injuries. 30-year-old taken to hospital, he was injured as a result of hitting the car. And in May Tysmenytsya areamuvavsya scooter. The man fell from the scooter, whom he kermuvav. These facts accidents checks. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/