In Chernihiv region firefighters during a fire rescued 65-year-old disabled

April 15 at 10:42, the beautiful ancient city district to the Department of DSNS in Chernihiv Oblast received information about a fire in an apartment five-story house on the street. Podvoisky, 18A. Neighbors feel the smell of smoke and cries for help 65-year-old vlasnyka home and called rescuers. Man due to disability was bedridden so could not leave alone the danger zone. With the challenge to the scene firefighters arrived 16 State Fire and Rescue parts that were in the window on the first floor apartment and brought the victim of a cell fire. Man with careWe II-III degree 10% body was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unit Nijinsky hospital. His health is stable, doctors estimate as moderate. Firefighters fire in the apartment at 10:48 localize and finally eliminated at 10:55. Her own negligence was the cause of smoking owner. RescueMAP caution. Dotrymaytes rules in life, do not smoke in bed, carefully extinguish cigarette butts and matches. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region