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Pupils family homes Bilozor of Vinnitsa region participating in the contest "Patriotic Spring"

The project "We - Ukrainian!" Ongoing contest for the most original performance of the anthem Ukraine. The competition involved it may participate in family type homes (5-10 children in education) and adoptive families (1-4 childrenin education) from all over Ukraine. It is necessary to realize the original idea of ??performance, involve costumes, scenery, work out in singing and capture a video performance of the anthem Ukraine and place on the project site. The contest will run until May 2. The awards ceremony will take place on May 15. Everyone can take part in the vote for representatives of Binnytskoyi area - family-type orphanage Bilozor participating in the contest "Patriotic Spring". To vote must register on the home page and vote for family Bilozor the following link: & sr = 2 & like = 1 # targimg. You can also find in the menu section contests "Patriotic Spring" - Bilozor and family to vote for our family friendly patriotic countrymen. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration