Rop'yanyk: Rename Ivano-Frankivsk - a provocation to quarrel Ukrainian and Polish

Subject to rename the Ivano-Frankivsk to start Stanislav provocateurs to embroil the two neighboring nations - Ukrainian and Polish, which is a common enemy - Moscow. Ivano-Frankivsk. Photo: This is your page on Facebook written by artist Igor Rop ’ yanyk. &Laquo; Hey, nobody thought why is someone threw us this bone – theme « renaming or not rename city & raquo ;? Although this issue and not nearly on the agenda ivanofrankivtsiv. So I feel that this is a provocateur opened discussion (even speciallycommunity created on this) & raquo ;, – he said. In his opinion, did provocateur who knows discussion on « Stanislav or Ivano-Frankivsk? & Raquo ;, anyway, once the first comment, return to the mainstream of Polish-Ukrainian relations, and not the latest, present which have recently been particularly friendly and periodancient history, as between the two nations was a lot of strife and hardship. &Laquo; and who, say, in the history of the neighbors were going smoothly? & Raquo ;, – notes with artist & raquo ;. &Laquo; Here I also think that it is someone wants to quarrel again two neighboring nations, which are now a common enemy – Moscow. The second enemy –hruni people and provocateurs & raquo ;, – Igor convinced Rop ’ yanyk. Told