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Lutsk discussed a possible rise in the cost of travel in electric transport

In Lutsk electric company held a public hearing to discuss the draft decision of the executive committee "on fares in urban electric transport (trolley)." Currently this document is the regulatory process, of which there are usnishniy event. The event was announced that fares in municipal electric offering increased to two USD per trip. The cost of a single ticket for travel in the bus for secondary schools, vocational schools, university students I-IV accreditation levels - 1.00 USD. Partin public hearings took Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, who explained that there were changes in the cost of electricity has increased the minimum wage, went materials and parts. In turn, the director of Lutsk Electric Company Igor Dombik noted that in addition to the rising cost of electricity, it is necessaryand no funds to repair and rolling stock, contact networks. It should be noted that after the discussion of the draft decision "on fares in urban electric transport (trolley)" will continue to regulatory approvals. By the end of the document will be sent to the members of the executive committee. This was reported in Lutskand City Council