In the Volyn region terminated violation of human mental hospital patients

prosecutor's office verified observance of laws on the order of detention conditions and medical assistance to those in respect of which apply compulsory medical measures, the department of enhanced supervision of Volyn Regional Psychiatric likarni 2. It turned out that observance of civil rights in this establishment have not yet fully meet the requirements of the law. In particular, physicians sometimes performed late fee Reports persons with mental illness and committed socially dangerous acts to decide whether there are grounds for an appeal to the Court of Zayation of termination or change of use of coercive measures. In accordance with current legislation such reviews should be conducted no less frequently than every 6 months. However, three people were hospitalized in the department for a few months longer, because psychiatrists violate the terms of referral to the court requests the extension of compulsory Matodiv medical treatment. Also, when checking irregularities requirements for minimum norm square patients in wards. In particular, the separation of enhanced surveillance for compulsory treatment of persons who committed socially dangerous acts were set unreasonably occupancy of 50 beds despite the fact that, according to the construction standards, there should be no more than 38. In addition, the department had also been a violation of the Law of Ukraine " On Public Appeals " as part of the review and respond to the request and was not fully secured the rights of patients to have access to the media. Therefore, in order to eliminate violationsregional prosecutor's office made instructed Head of the Department of Health ’ I Volyn Regional State Administration demanding to take additional measures to ensure constitutional rights of patients agencies. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region