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In Vinnytsia rescuers embodied in reality the dream of a boy with cerebral palsy

Unusual requests received workers HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region from the parents of five boys living with the baby in the regional center. Patients with Cerebral Palsy Martin since birth fond of manly profession rescueka. Boy with pleasure viewing cartoons and listening to stories and poems about firefighters. A favorite toy in it – fire vehicles auto ladder. And parents, the birthday of his son, and that on April 14, decided to have a real holiday for Martin and his most cherished dream to make — see for yourself lifesavers and their equipment, everyday feel real firefighters. Together with friends baby, and they had a lot of parents came to the State Fire and Rescue 1 of Vinnitsa, where service workers happily spent kids tour. Rescuers told of the danger posed by a fire, and reminded about the basic rules of fire safety, which potribno adhere strictly to the home. And that children were more interesting fight DSNS kids acquainted with fire-technical equipment and firefighter rescue equipment and made show of before them. Rescuers have shown children inflatable boats and bag, which, if necessary, can lift a weight of 22 tons and guideravlichni scissors. Also, the kids had a chance to put out “ conventional ” fire with fire logs. More firefighters demonstrated technical base fire-rescue department. Everyone could get acquainted with rescue equipment and even try on clothes combat firefighter-rescuer. Finally have a birthday, Olga Turcan, expressedgratitude to the DSNS that embodied in reality the dream of Martin. She said that this year for their family is very special, because the boy a few months ago took his first steps. She hopes that her child will develop all the best, because his son was a real chance to live fully, and in the future will be Martin Fireykom and save lives. Vinnitsa To rescue the boy and his parents care, patience and faith in a better future. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region