The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved method capable of forming local communities in its Resolution

the Government approved the Regional Development Methodology developed capable of forming communities. One of the main provisions of the Methodology is to determine the potential future administrative centers capable of communities and their zones of influence.Potential administrative centers primarily determined by the city of regional significance and settlements with the status of regional centers. The administrative center of the potential to be as villages, towns, cities that historically had the status of regional centers and at a distance of over 20 km from the cities of regional importance, the district centerin, and other locations. A necessary condition for determining administrative center capable of territorial communities is the availability of administrative buildings for the accommodation of the management of local government, law enforcement, fire brigade, ambulance point, the center of administrative services, the State Treasury isthat. In addition, the administrative center must have institutions of social infrastructure, institutions and the general pre-school education, primary health care level of social protection. Zone accessibility settlements to the administrative center of the territorial community is capable of 20 - 25 km. This band is determined based on availabilityAIN public services provided in these communities. Under the terms of methodologies, the community formed according to the principle of universality, and should be inseparable, located within the region and, if possible, within the same area. Also in the method are the requirements for project development perspective plan formuvReference area communities each region. The draft long-term plan should include graphic part that displays the boundaries capable of communities, the potential administrative centers of communities and all towns and passport territorial community capable of describing each of these communities. Adoption Methodology of able terytorialnyh community is the first stage of the Law "On a voluntary association of local communities", which came into force on 4 March. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration