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Lugansk Students celebrating Easter in Lviv, impressed by the hospitality of Galicia Lugansk

students who were on Easter in Lviv in Galician families yesterday returned to his home. 230 children from the east went here with curiosity and fear, and departed in tears. A few days local families have for their family. This alsodetsya in the plot of the first Western news « the Day & raquo ;. Guests from the east met in Mr. ‘ Friday. For four days they spent visiting family in Lviv areas where celebrating Easter. Children admit that Galician tradition of pretty impressed. &Laquo; most impressed pouring water. We also did eggs and hung them on the tree. I really enjoyed the hospitality of seven ‘ th, in which we lived & raquo ;, – School of Lugansk says Anna. But some parents still Luhansk students, Ignatius and Irynka, released them to the city reluctantly. But the reason – fear not, as far off the road. However, children are happy journey. &Laquo; We learned many new words: « fibut & raquo ;, « uncle & raquo ;, « yeyko & raquo ;. By this we do not use, but when they left the bus, this started & raquo ;, – Students laugh. Now, tell children they have two seven ‘ th – one in the east, and the second – in the west. &Laquo; I'd like to return to the seven ‘ th, in which we stayed. They were for us, etc.uhoyu family & raquo ;, – Ignat recognized and Irinka. Halychanka Oksana, the mother of three daughters, and another girl invited to his Easter. He says that native children were looking forward to guests from the east. Now do not even want her to go. &Laquo; My look forward to when we will get this girl. Children inflated balls and make claimodarunky. It did not want to say goodbye – still sitting in the car and cry because I do not want to let Margarita & raquo ;, – says Oksana. The idea to send children to visit there in our military in Donbas. They asked volunteers to dispel those myths promoted enmity between young Ukrainian. &Laquo; I wanted to prove that the enemy is notgiven to destroy our integrity. And I'll tell you what we hear when kids talking like do not want to go home. So perhaps we have achieved his & raquo ;, – confident coordinator shares « East and West together » Tatiana Vuiko. Organizers say that similar action plan to carry out during the summer holidays. About this Reportsoaps