The police searched Ivano-Frankivsk two missing children

16-year-old girl with Tysmenytsya District police found him up in Lviv, and 3-year-old boy Kolomiyschina, unfortunately, found drowned. About yunky disappearance of suburban village in Tysmenytsya police station told her father yesterday afternoon. A man said to the daughter, not transverseredyvshy anyone left home in the morning. How do I find the criminal police for children, a girl who has trouble communicating because of impaired hearing, willfully left the house and went to a friend in a nearby regional center. There she found and police and returned to parents. Otherwise, the missing child, sadly, has found Bewith signs of life. 3-year-old boy who was visiting his mother's aunt in a village Kolomiyskogo district court went on to the street and went to an unknown destination around noon. Shortly afterwards the disappearance of a child found relatives and started their own search. But later they still appealed to the police. Prochisuyuchy coast riverSopivka that flows through the village, villagers and police found the body of a minor boy affected by tree in the riverbed. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk