Bukovina, on the traffic situation in the area and the traffic police activity in the first quarter of 2015

During the reporting period, employees UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region identified and stopped 4364 drivers violations of traffic rules. Among them: - 832 speeding violations; - 5 cases of violations of overtaking; - 34 toviolations passage intersections; - 5 episodes creation of an emergency. The facts drive vehicles in a state of ch ’ yaninnya discovered during the traffic police traffic control, local courts denied the right drivers 18 control, 70 paid a fine of up to two drivers used administrative detention. In general, under Art. 130CAO applied by the courts to fans to drive drunk violators of traffic rules paid 222 900 hryvnia fines. Criminal offenses During the reporting period, traffic police discovered 58zlochyniv. Among them — 4 Facts driving with a broken car body number, 9 casesin the use of false documents. Together with other interested agencies and police departments documented 22 cases of detection and voluntary surrender of weapons, ammunition and explosives. Opposition misappropriation and accidents with skryttyam Was found and brought to justice all drivers who have committed crimes, leaving the place of roadaccident. Total in the first quarter of 2015 of these cases was 8. Two people were killed, 6 injured. Of the 23 illegal zavolodin transport zasobamybezposeredno traffic police and other law enforcement units involving 18 series of facts. Automobile and technical inspection When inspections fleets surveyed 299 odesSIC vehicle enterprises, institutions and organizations, 22 of which are found defected. With the release of the line of technically defective transport administrative charges brought against two officials. Managers of fleets to eliminate shortcomings, the 2 orders SAI. A 35 checks fleets that provideNumber of passenger transportation services. With 410 you examined 34 buses and vans recognized defected. With the release of the line defected passenger transport administrative proceedings brought against 7 officials issued regulations to 8 deficiencies. Total for officials made 13 pasazhyropereviznykiv hellminprotokoliv. Traffic Organization and supervision of roads When monitoring the status of the road network since the beginning of the year to address deficiencies road heads of organizations, utilities, rail, other organizations and citizens received 158 requirements and regulations SAI. Violation of the rules, regulations and standards for street and road maintenanceher network administrative charges were brought against 105 officials and citizens. Registration and examination paper Centers of public services for vehicle registration services provided by 6935 people. During the reporting period in the region PEP units registered 5463 vehicles, issued in 4012evidence driver. 2 documented facts fake driver's license and a certificate of registration of the vehicle. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Chernivtsi region