In Ternopil local authors identified

costs 96 thousand. UAH allocated to support 24 local authors creative projects. The decision was taken at a meeting of regional publishing Council on April 10 in RSA. Took part in it, Deputy Head, Co-Publishing Board Leonid Bytsyura, deputy head of regionasnoyi Council, Co-Publishing Board Oleg Boberskyi, head of editorial and peer group, which operates in publishing glad Les Romanchuk, Regional Secretary of the Publishing Board Olga Grinchuk, heads of relevant departments of State Administration, local authors. According to Olga Grinchuk in 2015 under the Programme Publishing and Information RequestsTorah in the Ternopil region 2014-2016 years in publishing regional council of budget funds in the amount of 185 thousand. USD, of which 110 thousand. USD. - To support local authors in 2015, the rest - in debt for 2014. "96 thousand. UAH, we have identified to support authors - said Olga Bohdanivna. - Another 14 thousand. UAH - isthe next meeting of the regional council of publishing. " In turn, said Leonid Bytsyura textbook fighter territorial defense prepared by the Regional Union of Afghanistan Veterans, legal guide "Legal and Social Protection fighters ATO" Zenoviy Hladchuk compiler and a book of memoirs Olga Mereschak "Who is God, God is with him", dedicated to 55- pichnytsi battle UPA under vines, which will celebrate already 14 April. "These publications are particularly relevant, because in time of war and textbook fighter and legal user may be required reading for anyone who is on the front line. Even the book format is convenient for use in the conditions in which our soldiers are. Therefore, we believeo fit, 50% pass copies of books to libraries in the region, and the other 50% - to pass and send to the zone ATO ", - said Leonid Bytsyura. Also Leonid O. stressed the importance of creating an electronic version of these publications and its transmission Ternopil Regional Universal Scientific Library for easy fighters thatTUs are found in the area. The list of authors who contributed funds Number s / n First and last name of the applicant (author) Name of the work Date of application 1. Vladimir Chornobay Anniversary catalog "organic structure" 05/03/2014 p. 8.000 USD. 2. Anton Crane Product painting "The soul is called to write, draw deeply and think logically" 17/03/2014 p. 8,000USD. 3. Anton Mushroom The book "ceramology Ternopil ' 09/17/2014 p. 3.000 USD. 4. Maria Balitsky Collection "radiant Ternopil" 04/11/2014 p. 2.000 USD. 5. Z. Kipybida Collection of humor and satire "Crossing Europe" 11/14/2014 p. 2.000 USD. 6. Gregory Shehera The book "The two banks" 02/11/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 7. Bogdan Shavurskyy Books arezhka "Kyp'yachka: biography Fatherland" 02/20/2015 p. 5,000 USD. 8. Peter Soroka The book "Symphony Petrovsky forest", dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the author 07/04/2015 p. 7,000 USD. 9. Bohdan Melnychuk Collection of Songs for Children "Cossack family" 03/10/2015 p. 3.000 USD. 10. Nikolai Black The songs collection "Awake, men ..!" 04/06/2015 p. 3,000USD. 11. Z. Kipybida Literary and artistic Almanac "Podolsky toloka" 09/02/2015 p. 3.000 USD. 12. Basil Tymchyshyn Head of NGO ml. vol. "Fine City ' Book almanac "Art Festival" J "(collective collection 80 authors) 04/01/2015 p. 10,000 USD. 13. Natalia Boiko The book of memoirs Olga Mereschak "Who is God, God is with him," Acvyacheno 55th anniversary of the battle UPA under vines 02/04/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 14. Zenoviy Hladchuk - compiler Legal guide "Legal and Social Protection fighters ATO" 02/04/2015 p. 3.000 USD. 15. Regional Association of Wind. Afghanistan Tutorial fighter territorial defense 02/04/2015 p. 3.000 USD. 16. Michael Andreichyn Encyclopedia of ScienceShevchenko Society II t. 04/03/2015 p. 5,000 USD. 17. Michael Andreichyn Proceedings Tonto Shevchenko, IX Volume 04/03/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 18. Games Oleszczuk Memorial Book of juvenile political prisoners 12/19/2014 p. 10,000 USD. 19. Michael Onys'ko The book "Spiritual Companions field" 11/11/2014 p. 3.000 USD. 20. Ustym HavarivskyyThe book "Arms of Bishops of the UGCC" 22/12/2014 p. 2.000 USD. 21. Larissa Mirgorodska The orchestra's poetry collection day " 02/02/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 22. Galina Money The book "The August dew" 02/24/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 23. Bogdan Toms Poetry collection "Do not lie dill bridges" 04/06/2015 p. 2.000 USD. 24. Nicholas Lazarevic The book "For freedom and glory Engayiny "dedicated to the 100th anniversary of USS fight with Russian invaders 04/06/2015 p. 4,000 USD. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration