In Lviv woman robbed a boy of eight

zloumyshlennitsy stripped of my child's cell phone and ran away with it. She faces up to four years in prison. In Peremyshlyany district police department, 7 April, a statement addressed 30-year-old woman who said that unknown person, about 15.00 hours, kidnapped in her eight-year sonmobile phone worth fifteen thousand. Law enforcement officers found that the commission of the robbery involved an unemployed 31-year-old resident of Zolocheva. "The boy just talked on the phone as he approached the woman, snatched the phone from the child's hand and ran away with it" - said the head Peremyshliany RA Police Police Lt. Jaroslav MarMulyak. These facts openly criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.186 (robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article punishable by a fine of fifty to one hundred untaxed minimum incomes, or community service for a period of one hundred and twenty to two hundred forty hours, or correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for up tosix months, or imprisonment for up to four years. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region