In the Transcarpathian region rogue Internet took off credit card resident Irshava 1200 hryvnia

fraudster called the victim to a mobile phone disguised as Buyer coat that she put up for sale on the Internet. In Irshavsky police station filed a complaint 26-year-old resident of the city Irshava. She talked about the trouble in whichgot through his own credulity. The woman put up for sale on the Internet about his new coat. After some time she called, they want to buy a coat. The buyer offered to transfer funds to a bank card woman, but that he must give her card number. The woman was delighted and gave swindler all necessary data for motherboardintermediate operations. Then received SMS messages from her account removed 1200 hryvnia ... Realizing that it cheated, the victim appealed to the police. This fact made the Uniform accounting event qualified for Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine Art.190 (fraud). Police searching for intruders. Irshavskoye police once again callcitizens to be careful and never call people unfamiliar with your personal data, numbers of card accounts, etc. Information Irshavsk District Police