In the Rivne region presented a special musical profession

children with the profession of teacher music school close familiarized children with functional limitations Kuznetsovsky city center of social rehabilitation of disabled children. Excursion to the music of country experts organized Kuznetsovsky employment center. For children with special conbamy can learn more about the world of professions and get information that will help in professional self, they Kuznetsovska City employment regularly professiograficheskoy measures. "Between the representatives of the employment service and leadership rehabilitation center has developed a long-standing and close cooperation. Pupils institution alwayslooking forward to the guests of Employment and greeted them like old friends, "- said Irina Nykrytyuk teacher. Head of active support for the unemployed Ruslan Yaroshchuk described the music school Kuznetsovskaya on which occupations are working and which claims to them. In a fun, entertaining way children learned about different musicalychnymy tools. Some children have seen or know something, and there were those who learned about the first time. During the quiz "Guess instrument" lively vidhaduvaly puzzles. The most active participants received small gifts from the employment center, which will hopefully bring a drop of joy in their life difficult. It is important that all adult mindoozes that these children always need special attention of society, and to do so that each of them found their way in life! This was reported in Rivne city employment center