In the Volyn region police with social services to help young people choose life

pidoblikovtsiv Employment is one of the areas of criminal police for children. Employees Manevychi police department together with representatives of specialized services based on Manevychi District Employment metpidoblikovtsyamy of minors. Its main goal - to introduce adolescents with conditions obtaining profession and employment. So all high school students handed leaflets. However, the focus has traditionally paid reservation teenagers from committing offenses noting: one wrong move could put an end to all their proher, and sometimes - even dream of a lifetime. - During the preventive meetings we try to bring young legal bases of behavior - said the representative of the criminal police for children Julia Ochacha. - And heard the best information they learn looking specifically preparing video. This time the children offered podyvytysya story "Love" from the film "area of ??special attention", so none of them got concerned by what they heard and saw. - I hope everyone has concluded and therefore the criminal path never return - summed Julia Ochacha. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region (Based Manevychi PB)