In Ternopil psychologists trained rescue techniques emergency psychological assistance to population affected by the emergency number

Growth stress factors provoked emergencies of natural, technological and socio-political nature creates the need for training specialists Fire and Rescueservice can not only reverse the effects of an emergency, but in time to provide emergency psychological assistance to victims of such events. April 8 experts psychological service of the State Office of Emergency Services in Ternopil region held lectures and practical classes with students of specialty training « fire rescue & raquo ;. Participants are taught the basic techniques for emergency psychological assistance to population affected by the emergency. Under the guidance of psychologists participants lessons, practice, myself, tested various methods of psychological self-regulation, in future, if necessary, act correctly, etc.and providing emergency psychological assistance to victims. Learning, rescue workers increased their communication skills, learning the psycho ligament breathing and focused visualization studied bases of relaxation and meditation. And at the end of the event there was a group discussion exercises. Rescue workers noted the importance ofand the need to obtain these lessons to improve their own professional skills.