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In Khmelnytsky firefighters eliminated fire in a building

April 9 at 20:36 the operational focal point of the Main Directorate DSNS in Khmelnitsky region received notification of a fire in a private house on the street. Shevchenko, 81 in the regional center. Call the owner located near the store, which saw flame ’ I'm on the roof of the building. To place another guard arrived promptly 2nd State Fire and Rescue parts which found that flame ’ pits covered most of the coverage of a residential building, is the threat of fire spreading along are two shops. In part two parts gazodymozaschitny Service firefighters came to extinguish the fire. Juneez quick spread of fire due to a gust of strong wind and the need to defend located near shops Extinguishing complicated, so it was decided to call additional capabilities 1 st and 37 th state fire and rescue units. Together fire area of ??80 square meters. m was localized at 20:54 liquidatorsVano at 21:03. The fire destroyed the building coverage. Through efficient and professional actions of firefighters saved from destruction by fire room dwelling house and prevent the spread of fire to two shops, thereby saved wealth estimated at $ 200 thousand. UAH .. The likely cause of the fire – short circuit powernetwork. In place of the fire of the Main Control headed by Acting Head Dmytro Bondar and 26 rescuers and seven fire units and special equipment. ACCIDENTS fire was. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast