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Region: Thanks!

The General Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region received a letter of thanks from a resident of the city, Matkurbanovoyi Natalia. Text gratitude we present below: I am writing to you to thank for the fact that in the shortest time workers Lucakivskovo RV Lviv was found and returned to the house of my minor daughter Matkurbanew Anna V. born 2002 03.27.2015 which has gone from school to home and never returned. According to the police drive by tracing children Lucakivskovo RV m. Lviv Ilnytskyy Alexei and his love that again I found my daughter and carried it into the house, I ask you if possible to encourage these workers gratitude for their profesiynu work. Thank you! Sincerely, Matkurbanova NV