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Experts of the International Trust Fund to increase the level of human security (ITF) visited

Slavic held April 9 Monitoring experts visit the International Trust Fund to enhance the security of person (ITF) of the Republic of Slovenia in the field of mine action to the east of the country to get acquainted with the organization and execution units DSNA Ukraine mine clearance operations exempt from terrorist groups Territories Donetsk and Lugansk. Experts, accompanied by Deputy Chief of fire fighting, fireworks work and training of ORSTSZ Department Emergency Response Oleg Bondar visited two sites in the village demining Samenivka, namely destroyed during the occupation terrorist groups Semenovskoe regional psychiatric hospital and farmland on the outskirts of the village Semenivka. Members of the monitoring visit familiar with the organization and execution of pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine works to clean up the area from explosive devices.According to Oleg Bondar, the main task of pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine is now mine-agricultural areas. The purpose – as soon as possible to clear land of hazardous household items for sowing. Speaking about the prospects of travel experts monitoring ITF Oleg Bondar expressed the hope that betweennational experts analyze equipment of pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine and help equip pyrotechnics modern facilities. &Ldquo; particularly important issue now is precisely the material base of pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine. For example, our service, and Ukraine needs KrAZ vehicles demining groups, which suddenlyand only eight. A survey of the area for the presence of explosive munitions specialists pyrotechnic units DSNS Ukraine still hold with the device « & raquo ;, probe used since WWII & rdquo ;, - said Oleg Bondar. In turn, the deputy director of ITF Sabine Bostyanchych said: « We first shocked that saw: the degree zruynovanosti impressive. We did not expect that the destruction would be so great. Restoration of these settlements will be difficult and long & raquo ;. After a trip to Donetsk monitoring mission in Luhansk region went to get acquainted with the work on this pyrotechnic units Territoriesuu. Press office DSNS Ukraine