Lutsk city sports school for

clean environment is increasingly gaining momentum Ukrainian action "for a clean environment." Actively involved in her extracurricular institutions of our city. On Thursday before Easter, a youth sports schools involving coaches and staff extracurricular institutions conducted activities withins action "Ecological quarter", which annually takes place in our city. Teams municipal institutions of the city, namely SDUSHOR swimming (director Victor Samchuk) KDYUSSH number 1 (Ruslan Oksentyuk) Coach number 2 (Valery Panczuk) conducted work on adjacent territories institutions to clean of dust, cutting, digging and whitewashing green plantings. Andalso conducted work on ordering, repair facades of buildings, painting the fence. Do not forget the workers extracurricular institutions also hold a range of works on gardening and floral design lawns and flower beds at the institutions. They sit alongside saplings of trees and bushes, restoring damaged lawns. This participation in urban ASCuu sports organizations ends. Ahead of the planned work on cleaning, landscaping stadiums and sports grounds, painting street sports facilities, repair fences. So call Lutsk join to participate in the action. Let's give an order to the local area, playgrounds and sports fields and make Mr.Ashe city and the environment cleaner! This was reported in Lutsk City Council