In Ternopil products for Easter baskets sent soldiers ATU

Humanities weight of 1.5 tons of volunteers prepared Husyatynschyny ATO, police, he was sent to the frontline area. Volunteers have collected all of the products included in the Easter basket. "There are 200 belt, 5 boxes of sausage, a bag of sugar, buckwheat, pork, stew - toldone of the volunteers Roman Shastkiv. - We regularly send goods in the area ATO. Also, many of our volunteers communicate with people, convincing them that help the men in my abilities have every conscious citizen. " Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Stepan Barna presented one of the representatives of volunteer organizationsher, who previously served in the Volunteer Battalion, Ivan Soldak memorial "For Ukraine! She will! ". The head of the region thanked everyone who joins the army. "We see close interaction soldiers and volunteers. In the fight for the integrity and independence of the military are not left without support community - said StepanBarna. - Those who do not fight at the front, the necessary resources to help soldiers; returnees during rotation actively involved in volunteer organizations. This is a continuous process that leads us to victory. " Initiatives such as RSA support and further assist in their implementation. "Loads of humanitarian aid sentyut from Ternopil regularly involved in supporting the Army volunteers, entrepreneurs, farmers, other organizations - said Deputy Governor Leonid Bytsyura. -Pryyemno That the men who are unable to spend Easter with their families, some are able to feel the festive atmosphere thanks to the support of responsible citizens. " This was reported in Ternopolilskiy RSA