Oleg Bezdizhyy: based HCS "Pokrovsky" successfully works round the clock emergency service

22/12/83 As the head of housing and utility services utility company "Pokrovsky" Oleg Bezdizhyy, round the clock emergency dispatching service company (tel .: 22-12- 83) in March 2015 was made 105 telephone complaints from residents about emergencysituations in their homes, such as: - Sewage leaks in the basement of 11 applications; - Failure of electric power: 43 applications; - But the roof: 5 applications; - Failure of internal networks of hot and cold water 41 statement; - Failure heating 5 applications. 105 applications made, complaints from residents regarding delayed implementationor neglect allegations were reported. Also acted 7 applications from residents of condominiums, which concluded a contract of services, including: - Sewage leaks in the basement: 4 applications; - Failure of electric power: 1 application; - But the roof, did not act applications; - Failure nutrishno household networks of cold and hot water 2 applications;- Heating failure, did not act statements. 7 statements made, complaints from residents of condominiums on delayed performance or non-performance applications have been reported. This was reported in the Rivne City Council