Rivne region, rescuers worked documents a rapid response to religious areas of the region

on the eve of the Christian holiday of Easter Resurrection of Christ, rescuers PG DSNS city of Rivne, Dubno, Ostrog and Sarny, Rivne, Radyvyliv and Rokytnivsky districts spent working dockumentiv respond quickly to about ’ yektah places of worship. During testing, special attention was paid to the presence of lifeguards at about ’ yektah primary means of fire (fire extinguishers), serviceability automatic fire alarm and power, keeping escape routes. Employees PG DSNS checking availability instrumentsnctions fire safety, timeliness instructions on staff. However, during the working documents rapid response test was performed sources external fire water, fire water especially in the temple and street fire hydrants that are nearby. From superiors hrachalk interviewed on the basic requirements of fire safety, including using open fire (candles), Rose ’ yasnyuvaly procedure in case of fire and handed city ’ of interest, which reflects all the basic rules in the organization of fire and technological safety of places of worship. Priests fromunderstanding reacted to this work and thanked rescuers for their care, because only by working together can be prevented trouble and protect temples for future generations. It should be noted that similar working places of worship rescuers Main Department of State Service of the National Assembly held in all cities and districts of Rivne. PG DSNS Ukraine in ReeveRivnenska Oblast

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