In the Transcarpathian region police detained

mukachivtsya of marijuana from his pocket a 57-year-old mukachivtsya local policeman removed the roll of 10 grams of marijuana. As explained by the man he smokes "weed" for medical reasons - soothes sore feet ... While talking to 57-year mukachivtsem who previously brought to administrative modpovidalnosti from his pocket police seized a paper roll with marijuana. Weight drug use was 10 grams. As the man he found cannabis bush on the river Latorica near Mukachevo. Leaves collected, dried and smoked himself. They say he has sore feet, so daily smoking "weed" to reduce the pain ... Vyluchenu substance sent for examination in Research Forensic Centre of the Ministry of Interior region. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code of Ukraine 309 (Illegal production, storage of drugs without intent to sell). A man threatens to limit or imprisonment for up to three years. Traffic infoormatsiya Mukachevo CF MIA