In the Rivne region in search of knowledge for students equally important

training on the basics of job search organized in Dubno City Employment Center for College Students Dubno Rivne State Humanitarian University for the Centre for Employment, acting school. The difficulty in determining their attaxes and abilities to realize their professional careers arise not only in high school. Adults and practically formed professionals too often find this question difficult. This problem pondered and college students Dubno Rivne State Humanitarian University. At least, looking for the answer to a hypothetical question: In which field to realize unless opportunities to find work according to their profession. To do this, the Centre for Employment College Dubno City Employment Center organized a training on the basics of engineering job search. Students presented the social services provided by the Employment Service showed mo Search Optionslnyh jobs on the website "Trud". Employment Specialists describe multidimensional process of choosing a profession, because for the correct, adequate solutions must hold a large inner workings. Participants of the meeting were acquainted with the basic methods of job search techniques, how to work with sources of jobs, prepare portfolio jobseekers properly conduct the interview. Unfortunately, the vast majority of young people do not see the real prospects of employment in professions that are. Therefore, they are particularly interested in the possibility of training by using employment of the Center for Vocational Education of the State Employment Service. As a result,and active dialogue each participant set a goal - to become competitive in the labor market skilled worker or specialist, ready for professional activities. This was reported in Rivne city employment center