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In Lviv police witnesses are asked to respond to an accident that occurred in Drohobych district Drohobych

in the area due to accidents killed 36-year-old pedestrian. The driver, who did this accident fled the scene. The tragedy occurred yesterday, February 16, around 19.15 hours in the village of dough in Drohobych. Unknown driver, driving an unidentified Transprtnym way, did not choose safe speed, road conditions are not taken into account, knocked down a 36-year-old local resident and fled. From wounds pedestrian died at the accident scene. Guardians are asked to respond to witnesses and everyone who has any information that may help in finding the driver of a fugitive. Please call for nomerum « 102 » or the duty of the State administration Lviv – (032) 234-09-44, 234-09-32. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region