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Khmelnytsky, area residents with their complaints addressed to Lesia stem

Deputy Chairman - Chief of Staff of the regional state administration Leo stem talked with residents of Khmelnitsky region. People were able to go with their complaints during the "hot" telephone line "Ask the authorities." One of the complaints concerned the unstableSTI transport to the village Tarasivka Yarmolinetskiy area. Also raised the issue of quality of housing and communal services. One of the applicants complained of unfair sellers of cars. Male lamented the failure of contract to buy a car in one of the showrooms of our city. In between callsand journalists had the opportunity to ask their own questions. Regarding the epidemiological situation in the region, then Leo V. noted that the situation is under control. "Several schools due to local outbreaks closed for quarantine. But these cases are not yet masovoh nature. " The information was