Precinct Ternopil exposed crook who Vimana pensioners almost 20 thousand

series of committing fraud workers Ternopil City Department of Internal Affairs is suspected 43-year-old resident of Transcarpathia. Zloumyshlennitsy pretext of social assistance "exchanged" in Ternopil older about twenty thousand. Toldoozes in the investigation department of the city police, a native of Mukachevo district has in the past was involved in criminal charges for theft and robbery. Ternopil crook came to trade wooden products, but found another way to pay. According to the chief of the city police department Hukalyuka Peter, she avoided accommodationpensioners seemed to work for the Red Cross, or social insurance and savings vyduryuvala people. Under the pretext of obtaining grants for retirement or material help crook gave some souvenir banknotes in denominations of USD five hundred and asked the hosts hit back. In one of the injured woman Vimana about 9 thousand. Evilvmysnytsya pensioner convinced that the country has started currency reform and urgently need to exchange old money for euros, because it is the currency will soon become official in Ukraine. She offered to exchange currency for foreign currency at a favorable rate. The victim agreed and got rid of all savings. In the course of investigative actions precinct inspectorPolice caught a suspect in the central market in Ternopil. For three facts investigating fraudulent acts city police opened criminal proceedings under Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 2 - fraud. The issue of ad suspicion and preventive measure. Continuing investigations. Law enforcement officers also suspicionsyut involvement of women to commit fraud by telling removal and damage. The police appeal to all those who fell victim to this crook - call the police and report the number 102 11.30.27 or at any branch. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region