Khmelnytsky: Zahorodnyi visited SE "Krasylivsky Aggregate Plant"

The other day Head of Regional State Administration Michael Zahorodnyi visited SE "Krasylivsky Aggregate Plant". The purpose of the visit - acquaintance with capacity, and can be successfully manufacturing orders for consumer goods, boilers and defensive prodktsiyu. During a visit to the plant manager Peter Koroliuk presented the production capacity of the plant. Head of Administration noted the availability of the necessary equipment at the plant for the manufacture of defense products, modern high-quality and high-precision, equipment test stands and test equipment. This combined andof highly skilled workers, engineers and technicians and specialists control the technical apparatus enables the plant to produce reliable and quality products. Also met with the head of administration of the enterprise. Help. Krasylivsky Aggregate Plant was established in September 1968 for having madeI detail products to aircraft. The information was