In Transcarpathia juveniles stole a car to go

Three 17-year-old boys night thwarted padlock on garage and stole a car brand Chevrolet Lacetti 2004 release. Without driving experience, thieves broke someone else's car and left her on the street. Only a month Mukachevo operatives managed to expose the thieves car. On the disappearance of the car brand "Chevrolet" the police said a resident of the city. Mukachevo. The owner told me that that evening the keys to the car he left in the ignition and the car is not found in the morning. The car did not have a burglar alarm, witnesses the crime was not there. The same day, police found the stolen foreign car 5 kilometers from the CDadizhky. The car was damaged due to an accident. About a month long search thieves. How do I find Mukachevo operatives, car stolen three underage boys. The boys live next door in a neighborhood of Mukachevo. They are raised in single-parent families and enrolled in vocational schools. Home to one of the boys police found evidence -things stolen from the car. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.289 (unlawful appropriation of a vehicle). Kidnappers cars facing imprisonment for up to 8 years. Continues pre-trial investigation. The police checked youth involvement in the commission of other crimes. Information Mukachevo CF MIA