In Ternopil risking their own lives, workers DSNS rescued from icy water man

April 7 at 20:07 on the item called ’ communications 9th State Fire and Rescue parts was reported that Buchachsky region in the tract « Tower » River Strypa drowning man. Rescuers who arrived on a call, found that the river Stripand, while swimming drunk gateway stuck in people, citizen Bucac, 1988 year of birth. The victim could not get out of its own pitfalls. Time to call additional equipment for lifting and lowering sluice water was not – save the victim had immediately because every moment spent in the icy water, could be for Hbth last. Rescue action fast current complicated and significant depth. Therefore, emergency personnel put protective suits and started rescue. First, they fixed the exhausted man rescue rope to the ram gateway to one floating on the water surface. Further, two rescuers were injured before, perehorodzhuing their bodies and spynyayuchy rapid flow, this time two of their employees, plunging into the icy water, freed up a man who appeared to be firmly clamped in traffic jams with sunken wood. Risking their lives, employees of the State Emergency Services could save her husband. On the shore crew are expected to fast so onsuffered immediately transferred to physicians, which has taken him to the intensive care unit Buchach Central Regional Hospital.