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Rogue lured in volynyanyna 12 thousand UAH for "virtual" engine

It was so gullible people listed Web address seller. The result - lost money and did not receive the goods. To the police department with a notice of the fraud turned 33-year-old Liubeshiv. Law enforcers found: people wantedbuy a motor boat to the river. - On one of the websites found ads of the desired model, and then call the seller. To quickly get the right thing, do not hesitate transferred 12 thousand UAH. However, as time passed, and "purchased goods" never received. When tried to call the "seller", he was "out of reach "- the head of District Police Liubeshiv Ukraine in the Volyn region Igor Havryliuk. Then the desired man turned to the police. According to this fact initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Police stress that the purchase and sale of goods through the network ino need to be careful. In no case should advance to transfer funds, pay only perform after delivery. In addition to cash transfers use a special card, which no significant amounts. Lyubeshovsky District Police Ukraine Volyn region