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Avoid fires in suburban areas Transcarpathians call

rescuers trip on your own country site can not only bring a man but also turn destructive fire. In the spring many citizens spend weekends in country houses, gardens and performing field work or rest. This often they forget the simplest rules withoutsafety, neglect of which can lead to the destruction of buildings and even death. Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region calls countryman follow basic fire safety measures in their own suburban areas, namely: 1) promptly cleaned plots of dry grass and fallen leaves (dry vegetation collected up to specificallydesignated areas and containers); 2) always leave free way to homes and water sources, which if necessary to place under fire ’ yizhdzhatymut fire engines; 3) do not leave outdoors in yards and containers of flammable and combustible liquids, as well as cylinders of compressed and liquefied gas; 4) gas-cylinder mouthanovky to supply gas kitchen stoves, etc. should be placed in a non-combustible annexes (boxes) no closer than 5 meters from the entrance to the house; 5) to improve the fire resistance of trees ’ wooden structures estates should treat them fireproof solutions (these works will be repeated every two years); 6) on the roof of a private house needLightning place (it could be the core of thick wire to ground); 7) does not kindle a fire and do not throw hot coals and ash near buildings; 8) Ensure country site primary means of fire: a barrel of water, a bucket, a box of sand, shovel, fire extinguishers. Prior to ’ houses of Congress of must carefully examinethe entire area. The house must be electrically disconnected, bath off. Stoves, fireplaces and candles should be extinguished completely, without a trace of hot coal. It should be put out with water coal grill and fire if it fueled. If your site was a fire hazard tell the neighbors and call 101. Before the arrival of fireher car alone try to extinguish the fire. When lit holiday home – start evacuating people who are there. Provide first aid to the injured. Allow children to safety. If there was no fire in your site – call the fire engine, and then let the owner. Follow fire safety&Ndash; and you will save yourself and your loved ones from the tragic consequences of devastating fires. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region