In the Rivne region in rural eastern coordinated action to help demobilized

in the east village Snovydovychi Rokytne district, on 3 April, attended District Director Employment Elena Boyuka. Among the issues that have seen peasants, the focus was focused on helping families whose members are involved in the ATOAnd demobilized soldiers. In April 2014 the villages OSTK, Snovydovychi, Booth-Snovydovytski Snovydovytskoyi village council to defend their homeland left 30 men. Now back to the fold 5 demobilized. They attended the rural east. Also to discuss important issues of territorial communities joinedDistrict Council Chairman R. Dubovets, head of district administration M.Kushnir, Head of Social Welfare M. Kirkovo, head of CJSC "Ukrainian timber-processing company" V. Bondarchuk, director of "Ostkivske forestry" M.Myhaylenko, individuals - entrepreneurs. The head of the village council Snovydovytskoyi V. Ohremchuk said that Sunamed members of the antiterrorist operation in the village council allocated land for development. Director of District Employment O.Boyuka briefed the meeting on the situation in the local labor market, urgent vacancies in the region and beyond, said assistance Employment discharged. She explained that the center ofaynyatosti men can find temporary or permanent work; to participate in public works or other temporary nature; undergo training, retraining or upgrade their skills; unemployed and receive financial assistance for unemployment. Director of Employment O.Boyuka, head of the village council V. Ohremchuk and director of "Ostkivske forestry" M. Mihaylenko coordinated community service organization for families of military personnel who are involved in anti-terrorist operations. The unemployed will be involved in drawing up the wood porubtsi and help in carrying out spring field work. This was reported in Rivne city center Busytoast